HUD doesn't show up




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    downloaded software 3 hours ago, Jivarro still not finding poker stars client hud not showing up i received the pop up bt still is not working

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    Ívar Ketilsson


    PokerStars is releasing a brand new theme engine and is currently running it in Beta. Our developers are working on supporting this new theme engine and we hope to release a working update in the coming days. 

    Until then, to resolve the issue, from your PokerStars menu go to Settings -> Table Graphics and unclick "Enable the new PokerStars Graphics Engine"

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    Smooth Badger

    Is Jivaro supporting new PokerStars theme engine now?

    I don't see hud when using new theme engine in PokerStars client

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    Ívar Ketilsson

    The new Aurora theme engine is now supported by Jivaro. As this is our first iteration, you might experience some minor issues or defects, if so, please report back to us so we can look into it immediately. 

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