Does Jivaro Support Mac OS X




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    So damn sad... I wish i could use it on my mac..
    Any idea when it will be available?? Please let me know, will use immediately.

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    Ívar Ketilsson

    @Fabian Still no ETA on the Mac client and development has been put on pause. Stay tuned, we'll inform our community once we start it again.

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    i just sign up but i didn't realise jivaro does not support mac. can i refund my money please? thank u!


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    Guillermo Torres

    Ívar finish the macos client man, i need you men. :(

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    Jay Yaskiw

    This software looks great. The design is great, the usability looks very smart and well thought-out by some bright UX designers. This is the poker software we've all been waiting for. Poker tracker is ok but this could easily be mainstream . With that said, could you not have this working on OSX? These days, with the popularity of Macs it's out of this world to not make this a priority. You have to make this happen. From what I understand PokerTracker had problems with security issues and I suspect you're having the same issues. I hope you can rectify those because once you do this software will explode. Heck, I think you should aquire the PokerTracker company for the code just to get the Mac version up sooner. Do not let the developers leave for home or take breaks or enjoy their lives until the Mac version is up. Please make his happen!

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