Shortstack AK when people are not calling many shoves



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    Daníel Jóhannsson

    First of all i'm never limping AK there, inviting multiple players to enter the pot with AK usually just gets you in trouble, i'm either:
    a) shoving my 11 bb's (most of the time)
    b) raising (depends on how active you have been, but raising 2.5xbb UTG with only 11 bbs looks very strong, it doesn't really look like a steal like it would look like if you were raising from the btn so in this spot i'm usually just shoving or raising big (3.5-4xbb and hoping to get 1 call and shove the flop)

    Sometimes I might limp 11bb stack there with Aces or Kings only.

    As played obviously I am happy with this flop, the only hand that is beating us is Q4 and A4 since AQ is always raising pre-flop, but I would bet this flop to get value from Q's there, we don't want the other players to get a free card.

    but as played i'm also shoving or min-raising the 2.8k bet on the flop, not allowing the third player to get involved

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    Ívar Ketilsson


    I agree with Daniel, you should be protecting your hand a bit more in that spot. I think shoving there for the third time on that table where you've only played a few hands might give you some light calls. 

    As played, check-ship that flop. 

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    Thanks for the comment, Daniel.

    Good points, that's how I've played this hand most of the times in this scenario. I made an exception in this case because of how scared the players had been acting, and I wanted more money in the pot (preferably by shoving to a min-raise), but in a hindsight it weren't that many hands played with them so I probably shouldn't have given it too much thought.

    Because no one raised pre-flop I was not really scared of that many combinations of hands and that's the reason I decided to simply lay a trap post-flop once my had was made. I'd definitely have instant-shoved if the board was more dangerous, e.g.with a flush-draw or a possible open ended straight draw out there. My intention was always to make them pay max price on the turn, which they did. But you make a good point regarding the Q's and their potential free cards or another combination of Ax that could make two pairs or even gut shots, but I'm not sure if it's +EV to throw them out of the pot if I know they're going to pay me the maximum either way simply by going one street further.

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    Thank you too for the reply, Ívar.

    I guess I got greedy and wanted to squeeze the maximum amount of chips out of them, but in a hindsight I could have been happy with a check-raise-take the pot right there so I'll keep that in mind.

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