Don't register hands while a player is sitting out



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    Ívar Ketilsson

    Hi Jónas,

    Great input!

    The team has discussed this and we completely agree with you. Stats shouldn't be collected on players that are sitting out.

    The reason for the data being collected at the moment, is that when a player receives his cards, his stats are automatically recorded. So for instance in Cash Game, when a player is sitting out, he doesn't recieve any cards and thus his stats are not collected.

    This means that it's not really a 'easy' fix, but duable for sure. I've added it to our To Do list and we'll try to get this feature out as soon as possible.

    Thank you very much for the feedback, we truly appriciate it and look forward to further constructive criticism.

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    Cheers for the response.

    I wasn't fully aware of the hand-dealing principle online, hadn't really given it much thought. Interesting to see that it's dealt with as in live Poker, so your explanation on the current format makes sense.

    I work in software development myself so I am aware that relatively easy tasks can be time consuming and complex in execution but it's nice to hear that you think this is a realistic task to be done.

    Only been using your product for a short period time now, since I've sort of not really enjoyed online play until I started trying it with Jivaro, but hoping to be able to find more constructive feedback to provide if needed in the future.

    So far so good, keep up the good work.

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    James Grey

    just want to affirm the need to eliminate sitting-out hands, was shocked yesterday to find 70+ hands counted towards a sitting out player, made hits HUD stats useless for future consideration...the I found this post...great to hear it's on the to-do-list...

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    Ívar Ketilsson

    Hi guys,

    this issue has been fixed and pushed out to production on Friday. From then on, Jivaro will no longer collect VPiP on players that are sitting out in tournaments.

    Thank you for notifying us of the issue, we really appreciate the teamwork here. 

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