Changing PFR into RFI



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    Ívar Ketilsson

    Hi Dagonless,

    When we first picked the Premium statistics we had to narrow it down to 3 stats per street so it would fit the designs of the HUD. We tried to pick the most popular and useful stats, although we had to skip important once like RFI and CR.

    Now as for adding additional statistics, there are two things we want (need) to do:

    A customizable HUD:

    We want to offer our users all of the statistics that are on the market, to do so we'll need to make the HUD customizable. This feature has not been fully specced out yet but it'll be a sort of a drag and drop editor, either on the Strip or website. 

    Pack the HUD with more statistics:

    We've thought a lot about how we can add more statistics into the HUD without losing the slick design of it. Below you see our latest designs of the HUD where you can switch between stats for each street, so instead of providing 3 stats per street, we can have 9.

    These features are not yet in development as our team is focusing on supporting Americas Cardroom at the moment. But please give us your thoughts and upvote this comment or this thread if you like the feature as it'll increase the chances of it going into development.



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    I like the idea, I think for preflop it would be nice to add WTSD and 4bet stats, for the flop it should be added check-raise and fold to check raise, donk bet and fold to donk bet, for turn itțs a must probe turn bet and fold to probe turn bet and for river I think it's useful the bet river after probe turn and fold to river bet after call T probe. Cheers

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