Jivaro dosent work after new update ?...



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    Same with me. Tried reinstalling PS and Jivaro but it did not change anything??? Is it PS fault or Jivaro?

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    Ívar Ketilsson

    Dear Jivarians,

    Due to a major update from PokerStars, we are still experiencing extensive downtimes. Our current build is still causing PokerStars to crash, which completely hinders us from releasing the client.

    We are currently focusing all our efforts on resolving the problem and will give you updates as soon as we have news for you guys. Rest assured, we are working day and night to resolve the problem and won’t stop until everything is working as it should.

    Again, we apologize for the downtime and any inconvenience this is causing you and we will be taking steps to make sure that this won’t happen again.

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    sebastian bengtsson

    Yeah, thanks for the none helpful information. Feels like i get a bot thats replying to me. 

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